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Time is a thief

currently I’m sitting outside writing while the kiddos are playing. Lilly is next to me wearing an adorable sun hat that she got from our baby shower; She looks ready for the beach! There are cherry blossom petals falling all around us. personally I think Cherry blossoms smell so bad, but the artificial scent is… Continue reading Time is a thief

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Baby number 2 {my natural birth story}

Finally baby number 2 is here! She is here, healthy and beautiful! Lillian, born August 22nd! She and our first, Wyatt, are exactly 4yrs and 4days apart! They had the same due date as well! Thank you Jesus for our mighty blessings… our children! Our whole pregnancy was a bit of a scare to begin… Continue reading Baby number 2 {my natural birth story}

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Cleaning your kitchen with coconut oil 

I told you, I LOVE coconut oil! A few years ago I had read on Pinterest that the best way to clean grease off the top of your stove, and to get sap off your hands is to use olive oil. I was like, “what?! Oil to remove oil? That makes no sense.” Well, truth… Continue reading Cleaning your kitchen with coconut oil 

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Up-cycling my grandmothers mirror 

I love up-cycling! What is that you ask? It’s where you take something that you no longer like, or is seasoned, or old, and make it “new” again. When we moved in,our Aunt gave us a gorgeous hutch. It was wooden, but our kitchen is white and blue. So I painted the hutch white to… Continue reading Up-cycling my grandmothers mirror