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Cleaning your kitchen with coconut oil 

I told you, I LOVE coconut oil! A few years ago I had read on Pinterest that the best way to clean grease off the top of your stove, and to get sap off your hands is to use olive oil. I was like, “what?! Oil to remove oil? That makes no sense.” Well, truth is, it works EXTREMELY well! Not only can you use olive oil, you can also use coconut oil. So today while I was doing dishes, I decided to deep clean nearly my whole kitchen. I always tend to get side tracked and clean more than I had planned. That’s a good thing thoug, cause my stove and cabinets really needed it! For my cabinets I used green works, natural all-purpose cleaner. I’m not really sure how natural it is since it does smell like Clorox. But this stuff works very well at getting all the gunk off your cabinets, and counters. When I was finished with my cabinets, I went for the stove. I was looking for olive oil, when I discovered I was out I went for the coconut oil. Worked like a charm! It removed all the grease off my cabinets, stove and microwave in just one swipe! No, seriously! Go see for yourself ❤ 


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