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There’s pee on everything 

So potty training has been going great… aside from a few things. Potty training a boy is messy! Oh my goodness is it messy! No one told me how messy it really is! So a few days ago I was putting my son to bed and he says to me, “mom I peepeed outside of the potty.” I thought okay he missed a little. “It’s okay, did you miss a little?” “Yes but I peed outside the potty.” Now I’m nervous. What does he mean outside? So I ask him, “you mean on the seat?” He says, “yes a little, but also outside of it. In the basket, on the bottles.” I had a basket of shampoos and conditioners and things in between the toilet and the tub. I told him, “no baby, you go in the potty, not the floor.” He says, “ohhhh!” In his super cute little innocent voice. When he went to sleep, I of course went to investigate and clean. I was surprised to find a ton of pee in the basket, all over the floor, the toilet, the shower curtain ect. I mean peeing on the seat I can handle… but that was like a urine grenade went off in my bathroom. I was just glad to know that he felt comfortable enough to tell me what he was doing and be honest with me. Remember he’s 3.5. 

Today the same thing happened except on the other side of the potty… all over the trash can, the floor, the dirty clothes, the back of the potty and the side of the sink. I find it funny cause he is just a little kid after all, and he is learning. He must think he has a pee bazooka to potty with!

 Mamas with boys, if you haven’t potty trained yet, or if you’re in the process… it’s a mess!! A beautiful, wonderful, smelly mess!!! How many other mamas can relate? 


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