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Up-cycling my grandmothers mirror 

I love up-cycling! What is that you ask? It’s where you take something that you no longer like, or is seasoned, or old, and make it “new” again. When we moved in,our Aunt gave us a gorgeous hutch. It was wooden, but our kitchen is white and blue. So I painted the hutch white to mach our cabinets. I love the difference just a little bit of painting makes! 

When my grandmother went home to the Lord, I was given a mirror. This mirror is gorgeous, and I saw potential in it. Our living room is a beautiful green, called Athenian green, with white trim. So I am painting my grandmothers wooden mirror trim white. My original plan was to paint it corral, but I think white may match better :). If I could I would do this all day! I love painting and bringing antiques “back to life.”

During. The difference between the natural wood look, and the white, painted finish. After one coat of Valspar satin white. 

After 3 coats. 

The finished product. 

I love how this turned out! All together it took 3 coats. It could have taken 4, but I like how it looks. Definitely matches our living room much better :)! Just a little piece of her to keep with me ❤ 


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