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Roses {a film collection}

It’s not often that my husband buys me flowers. Which is totally fine! Makes it that much more meaningful when he does buy me them. Plus flowers aren’t the only way to show romance. See I make it pretty hard for him to be “romantic”. I can’t stand the way flowers smell. I also don’t like real flowers, I prefer fake ones. They don’t smell bad and they last forever! Why spend $ on something that only lasts a few days? I just don’t get it. I mean I do but I don’t. I’m pretty simple right? Haha 

Well last valentines Day my hubby bought me roses and had our son give them to me. It was such a surprise, and so adorable the way he did it! I loved it! Romance points +1000! So I thought I would savour the moment with nothing but the best- film. 

I went to my local CVS and had them developed. They developed my film backwards, so I got these beautifully unique photos. Check em out! 

Taken with Canon AE-1

Fuji film

I so 400



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