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What’s in my makeup bag | mommy style 

Hi everyone! So today I thought I would do a “what’s in my makeup bag”. Well as a lot  of you might already know, I am not a makeup gal! I don’t wear a lot of makeup and in fact today I am only wearing 4 things. Foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick. I have an obsession with lipstick right now haha! I’m more of the natural type, who loves to wear jeans, a t-shirt and hoodie. Most of my makeup is purchased from Walmart, and others are from the dollar store, cvs and Victoria Secret. I have never shopped at sephora or any other high end makeup store. Crazy right? Lol! 

So the ones sitting out are the ones that I tend to keep out of my bag the most. They are usually in my purse. 

These two lipsticks are from Victoria secret and OH MY! I love these!! This brand is so soft, and silky! It’s hard for me to find a lipstick that doesn’t dry my lips out, and these are dynamite! 

Next is my perfectly posh caffeinated lip balm, in coconut. This flavor isn’t the best. I was hoping it would be an artificial, yummy flavor but then again, they are all nat-ur-alll, so it tastes like natural coconut. It is amazing! I have a really bad habit of picking my lips, and this def helps heal them after a horrible session haha! 

This foundation is great! It doesn’t clog my pores, and it’s very light and airy. I’m actually almost out, so I need to get more. I don’t use a brush, sponge or anything to apply. I like to wash my hands and use my fingers. I find it a lot easier and the sponges gross me out. I just apply it like lotion and it covers very nicely! 

Back in Highschool I was wearing a different, horrible brand of mascara that was like $2 from Walmart, and it would always dust in my eyes, or flake. I hated it. Then I found this one on a commercial. You know the one with Jennifer Garnier? Anyways, she def sold me on it, and I’m glad she did! I’ve been using this brand mascara for 7 years now and I absolutely love it! I am very very sensitive to most things, and I’m allergic to a lot of beauty products. This has been my go to since! Im also a huge fan of non-waterproof makeup! This comes off in the shower quite nicely as well! 

I am not big on bold blushes or contouring. Mostly cause I am a mom and don’t have time to spend 20+ mins in the bathroom contouring my face. I love the way it looks, and more power to ya, but I just go for the simple, natural look. This was purchased last year at the dollar store, and I love that it’s light pink, airy and doesn’t clog my pores! It came with a little cheap brush, so I had to buy one from Walmart… still about $2 😃 

This eyeshadow I have no idea where it came from. I honestly think it came from my sister like…. 10 or so years ago. Haha! No joke! I do not wear eyeshadow unless at weddings or Christmas parties ect! My eyes are Hazel, so purple is my favorite eyeshadow shade! This one has a bit of a shimmer to it too. Very pretty! 

You all might remember a few blogs back, I did a review of this brand of lipsticks. These are the two that I actually only wear on special occasions and keep them in my bag so they don’t get lost. I have 2 more of these in dif shades of brown and pink. I keep those in my car for emergencies! 😆 these are amazing!!!! Though, since I’ve discovered the Victoria Secret brand, I wear those more that these. These are beautiful don’t get me wrong, but they do dry my lips out after 2 applications, where the VS one I can wear all day and my lips are fine! 

Eyeliner. I don’t wear a lot of eyeliner and if I do, I wear it half way on the top and that’s it. This brand from Almay is so creamy I love it! I am not a fan of black eyeliner, I usually go for brown. 

Mommy=nail clippers. I carry these with me cause my sons nails grow so fast! So I always need these so he doesn’t scratch himself. He’s 3.5 😂 he also bites his nails which I hate. So I try to catch them before he gets the chance. 

Liquid eyeliner that I’ve had for like 12 years. Haha! I never wear this! I should probably throw this away. Anyways… next! 

This is actually empty. But I kept it because it is my favorite, and I can’t find it anywhere. So this way I will know the brand, color ect. 

Thought I would show you a sample of the colors the lipsticks are. :)… btw these took about 4 mins to get off my arm haha! They are lip stains and they def do just that! 


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