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My mothers day gift felt from the heart 

Yesterday I went to visit my mother, and sister. My sister told me she had a mothers day gift for me that she wanted to give me early since she has to work on Mother’s Day. I was of course shocked that she had even bought me a gift! She got me this incredible book titled, Moms one line a day. It’s a journal, basically, where you write down the funny, or sweet, silly things your children say to you. It’s good for 5 years! I was absolutely flabbergasted and excited! This book touched my heart so much! Well, there is a story behind her reasoning for getting me this book, and it’s quite a funny one. 

A couple years ago, her and I went to the mall and were walking around a book store when we came across this book titled, “Can I sit on your lap while you’re pooping” written by Matthew Carroll. Yes that is the real title of the book. Of course her and I were like alrighty then… we will just put this back on the shelf. Well, about 5 mins later, her and I were way too curious. We just had to know what this book was about! We couldn’t believe the title! As we openeded it and read though it, we soon found ourselves falling in love with it! The front cover was so cute, and pretty. The book is written by a single father, and each page is a different saying or quote or sentance that his daughter has either said to him or asked him. SO ADORABLE!! My sister and I were laughing hysterically at all the adorable things his daughter had come up with! We thought it was extremely clever of him to make a little journal/book out of it! So of course, when my sister saw this, “Moms one line a day” book she had to get it for me! I’m so incredibly excited to fill it with all the crazy, and cute things my son says. Soon we will have another little joy and I’ll be able to write all the things she says as well! I love how well my sister knows me! Well… she is like my best friend after all! 🙂 

If you want to look up the book, “Can I sit on your lap while you’re pooping”, you can right here 🙂


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