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I cut all my hair off! 

Hey all! So these past few months have been absolutely incredible! As summer approaches, and baby number 2, I was so ready for a change! I recently discovered that I have a gluten allergy. So I think that is causing my hair to not grow correctly, or rather not much at all. My husband loves my hair long, but gals, you know how annoying it is to get trims, sometimes months apart, and see little to no growth in between. So I just decided to cut it chin length. Then as it started warming up, my husband, and son wanted to take the top down on the jeep more, and my hair was all over the place! Most of the time I had to borrow my husbands hat and shove all my hair into the hat to get it to stop whipping me in the eyes! So annoying. So this past week I went to my husband and asked him about getting my hair cut. His first question was, “how short?” Haha he knows that I love my hair short. Now I know some will think it’s odd or controlling of me to have to seek for my husbands approval. Every relationship is different. With ours, our flesh is one. We like to ask each other’s approval because we love each other and respect each other. He loves me no matter what I do with my hair. It’s just hair after all. So I went to my stylist and immediately she knew what I was there for. She said to me, “about time!” Gosh I just adore her! Of course I was nervous for what my husband would think or say when I got home. I still want him to find me sexy, attractive and beautiful… He liked it, of course! He has a little obsession with my neck, now he can reach it easier. Good for him, not so good for me! Haha!!! 😉

Over all, every time I’ve gotten my hair cut extremely short I’ve always regretted it after a few days, or feel self conscience, or not as beautiful. This time, however, I feel extremely beautiful, confident and I walk with my head held higher. I absolutely love my hair being this short. It’s so easy, never gets in the way of simple Mommy tasks, house work or the wind with the top down! If you have been debating on getting your hair cut, I highly recommend it! Just do it! At the end of the day it’s what makes YOU happy. ❤ 


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