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Potty training 

Hey all, I am so bad at blogging on the daily, and for that I am so sorry!!! Let me update y’all on everything. We are finally, finally, finally blessed to be 23 weeks pregnant! Ahhhh!!! We are having a girl!! My son, and husband all said girl from day 1. I was convinced we were having another boy since everything was the same! I cried so hard when we were told babe was a girl! I was so excited, and just so greatful to see her little heart beating!! 

Here she is from today’s sono. So presh!! 

So! Because we have another little one coming, ON THE SAME DAY AS MY SON, btw… crazy right?! We really needed to step up our game and get him potty trained! We went on vacation to West Virginia to visit family for Easter, and the number 1 thing that helped the MOST was not going back and forth!! Underwear only until bed time. 

  • Underwear at all times 
  • Race. This is the best. Have a race to see who can go first. 
  • You leave, bring extra everything. Clothes, socks & underwear 
  • If you’re outside, make him go on a tree or help her squat
  • Ask every 5 seconds if he/she has to go
  • First thing in the morning when he/she wakes up, ask if he/she needs to go. 

Always, always remember that accidents are going to happen. The worst you can do is get angry if they pee or #2 on the floor, or in their pants. The major thing for us was when we would leave, we would put pull ups on him. Once we just stuck to underwear he learned in 1 week! He. Ow goes on the potty while we’re out and at home. At home he just goes and does his thing… without telling us! Thanks to my mother in law, and father inlaw for encouraging us to just let him figure it out without pull ups! Making it fun is another. We tried just about everything. MM’s, change, peeing on a Cheerio, peeing on a gold fish cracker, clapping, jumping up and down screaming hooray! Those would only work for so long. But racing… that was the winner!! My father in law would run to one bathroom and my son to another. Of course Wyatt won hehe! But it encouraged him the most! 

Then there was learning to go #2 on the potty. It took the following week for him to go one time on the potty, but today was the first time he went on the potty! I was SO proud of our little, big man! We told him if he goes poop on the potty he can have a gift. He said he wanted a back pack. So today he got his Batman back pack. He was so stoked! 

He had many accidents the other day. I didn’t think I could handle cleaning any more poo. I mean a mom can only take so much poo in one day. But he conquered and we’re so unbelievably proud and excited!! 

Keep working with your kids. What worked with Sam, or Cindy down the street, may not work for your little one. And that’s okay! Some just take a little longer than others! 💗


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