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We’re pregnant!! 

Finally after 2 years of trying and 6, early miscarriages later, we are finally expecting another little miracle!! Though it is still very early, first trimester, were not out of the clear yet. But I have faith that God is in control! We found out Christmas evening!  Such a magical time to find out such wonderful news! Tomorrow we have our first sonogram. 

At each miscarriage I could tell you the day and time it would accur. Except for this time. Christmas evening, this one became our “sticky baby”. The Monday before Christmas I went in for a follow up blood HCG test because the last one, a week prior was negative. I was so anxious. I had every symptom under the sun, and my belly was huge and swollen. Which, a swollen belly is always my first indicator we’re pregnant. I mean I look 6 months pregnant, and we’re almost 3 weeks. Haha! So my doctor finally called me about 3 days later. The time before, he called me the next day. So I knew something must have been there! I also opted for an internal sonogram cause I was like, “no, this is my last time trying for a long while! I want to see what’s going on.” Of course they denied me. So I argued, I know my body! Please just do one. So the sonographer put me on hold and spoke with my doctor, which he said, “if she wants it, give her one.” The sonogtapher saw that my cervix was high, and closed and my endometrium was very thick. All which point to a very high chance of pregnancy, but no sac so I must be very early in. At this point my last period was about 4 weeks ago. 

So Thursday I got the call from my doctor… and we are indeed pregnant!  I was so over joyed with happiness that all I could do was smile from ear to ear!! For 2 years we struggled with heart ache and pain. I was beginning to lose hope, but we had kept faith. 

About 2 months ago, I opted to finally switch doctors and try a doctor my friend had suggested. They did an internal saline sonogram, and they found that there was nothing wrong with me. He couldn’t tell me why we kept miscarrying. Everything looked perfect. He said that I might be having a hard time with the baby implanting, or that it does but can’t thrive. But I heard God tell me, “one more time. Don’t give up.” So I told my husband, this was our last time. Maybe the saline helped to flush out anything small that the sonogram couldn’t see, and he said, “I agree, maybe your body also needed to hear it was fine.” I had never prayed harder than I did at that moment. I prayed to God, that I needed Him. That I can’t do this on my own, and of course, He answered. He has always been there. God is so good! 

I am so nervous of course because this will all be new having two babes. But we are beyond excited!! Our son is also excited to be a big brother. He keeps telling me, “there’s a baby sister in there.” Haha! He is so cute!! We were going to wait to tell him till we were certain. But God wouldn’t give us this precious positive after waiting so long, just to take it away. I have faith that He is with us, and it is our time. If you are struggling with getting pregnant, my heart truly goes out to you, and I pray that you find peace and victory! It has definitely been an emotional rollercoaster. But it has brought me closer to God, and my husband, as well as humbled me and make me that much more grateful for the son we do have. Keep faith, don’t give up! ❤️ 


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