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Why photography? 

Ever since I was young, I have always had a strong love for art. I love everything about art. I even see art in things that some cannot see, like that spider you find gross… Yeah I find it beautiful! All the little hairs and many eyes to help it see. How it’s little hairs help him to move or feel its prey. How it moves, climbs, makes beautiful webs… All of it; just wonderful! No, I won’t pick him up! But he’s still beautiful just the same! 😉
I have always admired photographs the most. I can’t really pin point what exactly I love the most, because I love everything about photography. The way a simple photograph holds memories for life times to come; time frozen in place. Memories. Laughter. Love. Hugs & kisses. Little toes, hands, ears. I DO’s. The next chapter in your life. Simple beauty. How far we have developed over the years. See what I did there?! lol! the different types: film, digital… All of it. I see beauty in just about everything. 
I am extremely passionate about my work. I put 100% love into each and every photo. Every time. To see your eyes light up, to put huge smiles on your faces, upon recieving your images is my WHY. I love being able to give your family, your children, grand children, or just you, that memory to cherish forever. Yes I am benefitting by being blessed to have this talent & opportunity, but you are gaining much more than just a photo! You are gaining memories that will last life times! LIFE TIMES! Without photography and art, we wouldn’t know what our ancestors looked like, or wore. We wouldn’t be able to look back in our child’s album and see all those little happy days that we will soon miss. We wouldn’t be able to look back in our wedding album and just laugh because Sally made a funny face at the bride, that no one else noticed. Or how beautiful you, and your new Hubby looked that day. The love that the two of you shared, and felt. The tears that were shed from the thought out, and touching speeches. All the little details that you stressed about so much to perfect! This is why I love photography. Because I love being able to capture all these moments, to help preserve your life for you, for many years later. I am passionate because I have a huge heart. I know how easily, and fast life flies by! We get caught up in our stresses and worries that we often forget to breathe, and cherish each other and the moments presented. Photography allows us to do this. This is my WHY. 


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