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Infallible pro matte lip gloss by Loreal 

Recently I have fallen in love with this lipstick brand. It is called infallible pro matte lip gloss, by Loreal. I absolutely love the texture! I don’t normally wear lipsticks or glosses because I don’t like the feel of them. This brand has a silky smooth texture without becoming grainy or drying your lips out! It does, however, come off when you give kisses to your little one though ;)! Which is fun for us right?!  But overall I am so pleased with this brand! I purchased the first color on a whim because I liked the shade. Soon after wearing it a lot, I fell in love with it. Hey, 25 is a good time to start wearing lipstick right?! I have never really been the one to wear makeup in general, so this is all new to me, and I love it! My grandmother always used to tell me that I have the perfect heart shaped lips, and that I should wear lipstick more often. But back then I felt that lipstick was for the more mature, “grown up” audience. As well as, “oh that’s just Mamaw, she is from a time when women were more modest.”  I guess I qualify now 😉 haha! You can pick yours up at your local Walmart. They also have different kinds. I prefer the matte look and feel, but they do have gloss and 8hr stay. 

Color 1: 316 Statement Nude 

Color 2: Shanghai Scarlet 

Color 3: 8hr 415 Sunset 


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