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Home-made teeth whitening 

Hey guys! So I was browsing though Instagram late one night, when I came across this video of a woman I follow @Farahdhukai. She was using coconut oil and tumeric powder to whiten her teeth. Of course at first I was like, “what?! No way! Tumeric is SO yellow!” But last night I tried it and WOW! It is weird to brush your teeth with something other than tooth paste, that’s for sure! But, it DOES work! Is there anything coconut oil can’t do?! 

Brush your teeth with your normal toothpaste first. 

Then, make a paste of 100% refined coconut oil & tumeric powder. 

Dip your tooth brush, and start brushing lightly. {note: you may want to get a new tooth brush to do this. As your brush will be flourescent yellow! Lol!}

Let sit for 3-5 mins 

Then, re brush with your normal tooth paste. 

Rinse & smile

Now you go try it! 🙂 


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