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Salmon & veggies for three

I absolutely love making dinner for my family! I love when my husband comes home and there is dinner ready for him on the kitchen table. I love for him to walk through the door and smell the amazing aroma of delicious foods. I love letting him know he is appreciated. 


Salmon: 2-3 slices. (2 for us since we have a toddler 😊) fry on medium high, for about 10mins total. About 5 mins on each side or until halfway in is white-ish in color, then flip. Sprinkle some sea salt & basil to taste. If desired, drizzle terriaki marinade over both and let sit for 1 min on each side, to let marinade cook. Enjoy! 

Cook veggies to your liking, or eat raw. 🙂 

Simple, yet filling and delicious! 

Before we got married and bought our home together, I didn’t know much about cooking. All I knew how to make were the basics: spaghetti, mac & cheese, eggs, and French toast. Somewhere down the line of growing up, I never learned the basics to cooking. Not a bad thing at all because it allowed me to learn on a better level. Lucky for too, I had a little while to learn it all before our son came along :). My husband says I am a great cook. I think he just doesn’t want to not be fed haha ;)!  Salmon is my favorite to cook. Growing up my siblings and I ate a lot of chicken. So it nice they salmon is a bit cheaper or the same price than chicken. Plus who doesn’t love fish? What is your favorite thing to cook? 


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