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Feel glorified 

Like most women, I absolutely LOVE watching HGTV, I mean, who doesn’t? The homes on there are gorgeous! I have many favorites, but I watch it mainly for the decor. Recently my favorite has been Stone House Revival. I admire older homes with lots of unique character. I like to think I can decorate my house well, but sometimes I’m not so sure! Especially after seeing some of the homes Property Brothers decorates & renovates. If I could, I would watch HGTV all day long, or until the ones come on where the people looking are unappreciative. You know? The ones where they have millions of $$$ to spend, and nothing is ever “good enough.” I can’t stand it! I change it in a heart beat. I think it aggrivates me to think that there are people out there who are really like that! This may not be a nice thing to say, but when I see people like that, it makes me that much more thankful, and appreciative for my own house, and how it looks. I may not have the largest house in the neighborhood, or the most expensive furniture. But it is mine. My husband and I made this a home together, and we are blessed! There are a lot of things my husband and I want to change. But overall, we love just having a roof over our heads, and a home to call ours. I watch this show and often think to myself, “wow! There are people in other countries who have nothing but a dirt floor. And they’re upset cause their 400 sq ft closet is “too small.” That’s the size of my whole upstairs 😱!! To some a million dollar house is immaculate. But to another, they may see my house as immaculate. To others, a home at all would  be wonderful. Point here is, we should be more thankful for the little things, such as having a roof over our head! Whether you still live at home with your parents, in a basement, a camper, a friends, an apartment, a tree house, a tiny house, a barn house, a blue house, whatever… Be happy and grateful for what you have! 💕 Remember, you are blessed! 


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