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My favorite products of 2015-2016 

First I’m going to start off with a few of my favorite hair care products. 

Coconut oil- I can’t stress enough how much I LOVE coconut oil! This smells spectacular! I have been using this since about 2010. Why I’m putting it on here, is because I just purchased this bottle last year. It lasts FOREVER! I lost my other bottle in the move when I got married. Thankfully you can pick the is bad boy up at Walmart or your local store for only $5! 

Moroccan oil, shampoo & conditioner- I had never used this product before June, this year. We went on vacation to the beach, and my hair was just annoying me! I told my husband, “I think I need better shampoo or something cause my hair hasn’t grown much since I got it all cut off last!” Which, it really hasn’t.  I got my hair all chopped off when I got pregnant with our son, and I’m starting to think my hair has reached its growth limit. Of course, I got on Pinterest and began reading. While my little family slept beside me, I read and researched till about 2 AM. I found out that basically IM causing the damage to my hair! I don’t blow dry it, straighten it… Anything. But since I go to the gym so much, and I’m a mommy; my hair is ALWAYS up! SO, across the street from our hotel room was a salon. I went over there and spoke to two lovely ladies, who told me that this shampoo and conditioner is amazing! It has been only a few weeks since purchasing it and my hair feels and looks amazing! I wear my hair down a lot more since it feels so great! Using cheap shampoo really does make a huge, negative impact on your hair! I used to use SUAVE… Not anymore :). They are a bit pricey… About $20-$25/ per bottle. But to me, it saved my hair, it is worth it! Plus it smells beachy! 

It’s a 10- great product! Only thing I don’t like is it is a bit heavy. What I mean is after applying it, it makes my hair feel a tad bit greasy and “heavy.” I love it because it does keep those pesky split ends at bay though! A woman did tell me that they make a lighter one, but this one has a lot left in it still. So I’m waiting before I try it. I got this one at the Hair Cuttery for roughly $25. A bit steep, but again, worth it. And it smells amazing! 

Mary Kay, time wise collection- this is probably the most expensive product for skin, body Ect, that I have ever purchased! My cousin, Heather, is a representative for MK, so to help her out I hosted a party and got this collection, roughly half off. My MIL has always had such wonderful, bright, luminous skin. I remember one day I asked her what she had used, and she said Mary Kay. Of course I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought to myself, yeah I prolly can’t use that stuff! My skin is super, super sensitive. Everything makes me break out! Only thing that doesn’t make me break out is cocobutter, and zest body soap. So I called my MIL and asked her what she used again, and she told me Time Wise. So, bam! I set my goal to get this product. After my cousin was here showing me samples and allowing me to put some on my face, she had me try the microdermabrasion, but only on half of my face. The next day I was rubbing my face and WOW! It really did make a huge difference. And that was just after ONE use. So I text her and told her I wanted that product as well. Overall I think I spent, roughly, $90 for all 5 products. I call it my first “big girl make-up purchase.” It has been very gentle on my skin. I used to have large poores and by using the poore minimizer, they are significantly smaller. I also had some dark spots from the sun and picking. Those too are gone. Before I had purchased this, I was using 100% refined coconut oil and tumeric powder. But man! What a mess! This is easy cause I just use it after my shower and.. Prettyful!! 

Bath and body works: roughly $12-$15/per. It’s best to use their cupons. ❤ 


  • twisted peppermint. I received this as a Christmas present from my cousin. I had never used their foaming soap before, and after this one I was hooked. 
  • Blushing tulips & peonies. So amazing! All their soaps are so wonderfully fragranced! What I love most is that the scent stays on your hands for a long time! 

Body wash- 

  • Honolulu sun. I love coconut if you all haven’t figured out already.. 😂 this soap smells just like the ocean! It is super strong smelling too! My skin is one that doesn’t absorb scents very well, but this body wash makes you smell amazing! 
  • Be enchanted. My two year old loved this soap so much that one day he decided it was going to make bubbles. He dumped half of it into his bath. Where was I? I was right there, getting him a towel to dry off with. My little mans is a fast stinker! The whole bathroom smelled amazing for about 2 whole days! And so did he 😉 

Body mist 

  • Be enchanted. Smells just as wonderful as the body wash. 
  • Dark skies. My very first body mist by bath and body works. Smells a bit like incents, which is one of my favorite smells. My hubby had purchased this for me a few years back. It is still one of my favorite scents! 

Wet N wild, one step wonder, no light gel.  I was a bit scptical at first. I have gotten my nails done at the salon many times, and each time they added a bunch of stuff after. But this is by far my favorite nail polish. It lasts quite a long time and dries very nicely. I intend to get more colors. I love the light, pastel colors in the summer. I definitely  recommend this if you don’t own it already! It was roughly $5 at Walmart. 

My zone heart rate monitor.

I had been using the Fitbit charge HR. Then when I switched gyms to Golds, from planet fitness, my watch couldn’t keep up with my vigorous workouts. My heart rate said it was only 118 but I felt like I was dying. If you have taken the classes at golds gym, you will know what I mean! The owner there was working out in small groups with me, when he told me about my zone. I bought it the next day. It is expensive. But with working out as vigorously as I have been in classes, I need it. My heart rate is usually around 165-180 at its highest. 180 is of course too high, so I have to know precisely, so I don’t cause injury to myself. It uses the same principles as an EKG. It is extremely accurate. The watch does not come with it, but I wanted it cause to me it is easier than looking up at the screen at the gym. Plus I am pretty active, so I like it for when I go for my walks. It does have an app that is comparable with I phone and android. You can friend request people to keep yourself motivated from other my zone users. Overall I really love it! It was $130 for both, with my discount at the time. 

I am sure I have a ton more other products and things that I can review. But these are my top for right now. I will review more on another post! Thanks all! ❤ 

Ps: sorry for the bad photo quality! They were taken, and edited with my I phone. 


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