Hi everyone! So sorry I haven’t been posting here recently! My phone wasn’t working well with the app so, now I have a new phone and I can post!! 🙂 

This year, thus far has been an emotional roller coaster but amazing! Do you ever get the feeling that life has changed? That it isn’t what it used to be? I know I do! My main focus in this post is social media. God had been laying it on my heart for a while to get rid of Facebook, so I listened and it has been like a huge emotional barrier lifted off my chest! Being a stay at home mom is amazing! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it!! I am living MY dream! When you have a child, a lot of your friends no longer want to hang out with you. This is my case, anyways. Some people no longer even call or text you. But, isn’t that what our world has pretty much come to? We no longer just call someone to see how they are. We no longer send a text to someone and ask to “hang out.”most of us have become so consumed by social media that we forget how to interact. We spend more time on social media, and our phones than we do with our children. Here’s a little story for you; My little family and I went to the mall a few months ago, and our son wanted to ride the carousel. While he, and my husband were riding it I was looking around at all the other children and their parents. The children were so sad looking. Why? Because my husband was the only one NOT on his phone! (He doesn’t have social media at all) This may be hard to believe, but it is 100% true. It broke my heart to see all these parents wanting to spend more time with their noses down, and looking at their phones than with their children. That they weren’t enjoying their time with their precious child. Riding on a carousel may not be what an “adult” wants to do. But it’s most definitely worth the 3 mins spent with your child or children. It is def what a parent should want to do. Our children are only so little for so long. Think about it, when our children are 16 or even 12 years of age, they aren’t going to want to ride rides with us or spend as much time with us. We have to remember and know that our children are precious, innocent, happy beings! Cherish every moment with them! If we do this, we will be close with them no matter their age. Our world has become a lot different from when even I was a child. Usually the only people who say that are our grandparents right? But I’m only 25, and I see it. I myself used to be guilty of looking at my phone more than playing with my son. While we were out playing in the yard, I would let him play and I would be on Facebook, keeping in contact with my friends and distant family. Sharing pictures galore (photographer problems), having conversations, Ect. What I was doing was caring more about what they “saw” than what my son saw. Like I said above, when you’re a stay at home mom, sometimes the only interaction with other people is through Facebook. The mall incident is what really opened my eyes to see JUST how much our generation has been consumed. Im not saying eveyone or ever stay at home mother is like this. But I was, and there are a lot who are. 

What made me delete it all together? The breaking point for me was, aside from the obvious unhealthy addiction taking me away from what mattered most, my family, was when I realized that the words friendship, and friend had a whole new meaning. No longer are we friends in “real life.” Instead we are only “Facebook friends.” If you type in friendship on Google, you get this definition: “Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.” Somewhere down the line we have lost the value of what that word really stands for. I had been bullied a lot on Facebook. I have been bullied pretty much my whole life so that wasn’t anything new. The thing that was new was the fact that I was getting bullied by people who I was “friends” with. Now, I don’t know about you, but I would NEVER bully a friend or anyone in general. But, friends are supposed to stand up for each other and be there when times get tough. Back in my day friends also would hang out with each other when possible and genuinely care for, and about one another. I truly feel that our world has lost its values. Last Easter my grandmother and best friend had passed away on Easter. Though a lot of people sent their condolences by “liking”, or “commenting” on my status, no one except for my parents, in laws included, made a phone call or sent me a text to ask how I was. Not one “friend” made the EFFORT to care. I’m not saying those people didn’t care. I’m sure they did. But the way our world is now, THAT is how they show they care. I would much rather have human interaction. A good face to face, genuine, hearth felt conversation. Those are very hard to come by these days. It is very sad. 

This is the second year I have gone to my MIL women’s retreat. There are usually about 20+ christian women, all different ages who come. We just have a blast! There’s laughing, testimonies, true friendship, deep conversations, church, fellowship and friendship. We all have a special bond with each other that you just don’t see every day. We all genuinely love each other! I absolutely enjoy going because it’s just fresh! There is no negativity, no drama. Just love for Jesus and each other. I wish our world was like this every day but sadly it is not. When we go to the store even, the cashier doesn’t always greet you with a smile. They have had a bad day, which is understandable. Or they are just tired and could care less about how you feel. Some just care about the money. Others just want to collect their hours and go home to be with their families. Not saying all are like this but most are. Sometimes I feel like saying, “you know, a smile goes a long way.” But I never do. I don’t want to be mean.  Instead I pray for them. It seems that’s all we can do sometimes, is just pray for those who bring you down or get to you.  Pray for those who bully you on social media. Pray for generations to come. Pray for our/your country. 

Love conquers all. In a world where social media is “life”, “be the light in a selfie centered world!” There is so much more I could say on this subject, but then this post would be far too long! 🙂 remember we are all human, we all have feelings. What you say and do behind your screen matters. Your children matter ❤ 

 I read a book last week titled, #STRUGGLES by: Craig Groeschel.  What an amazing book! If you are struggling with Facebook as a whole or as an addiction. Definitely read this book. 


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