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My Baptism 

Hey everyone! 

Sorry I have not been posting recently, it gets pretty busy around my house during the holidays 🙂 I hope you all had a blessed thanksgiving! Mine was wonderful! On the 25th I was baptized! Eeeep! I am still in awe about it, but hey, I’m still in awe about getting saved!! God is so amazing!! I was so blessed to be able to have my father in law be the one to baptize me. Since we are not involved/members of a church yet, I really wanted my father in law to perform the service. We always spend thanksgiving in WV with my  husband’s side. We love going to WV and getting away, our little vacation! 

Since being baptized the question I am asked most is “so, do you feel any different?!” The answer is yes! Not like you would think though. When I was saved it was an entirely different experience with a LOT more emotion and over all feeling of euphoria! This time around was more of a peace feeling. Everything my family and I have been through this year, was lifted off my shoulders and my heart and given to the hands of God. I had an extreme sense of overall peace which is wonderful! 

I was very nervous for a few days before getting baptized. I had no idea what would happen, plus to think of all those people staring at me, yikes! Well to my luck, I was the first to go! Thanks a lot Dave! Lol!! ;)… No, I’m glad that I was because there were children also getting baptized and I’m glad I got to take the heat for them ^.^ when I walked up the little steps to get into the pool, the water was very warm, which was great! The way Dave baptizes is by going forward. I had people in front of me and people beside me watching. When my head went down the first time all my nerves left and so did everyone else. It was like Jesus, Dave and I were the only ones in the church. I could hear the water dripping off my body, almost like slow motion. It was very quiet but serene. Then the second dunk came and then the third and it was over. Just like that. All my nerves about getting baptized were for nothing. Getting baptized was exhilarating! 

That was almost a month ago and I can honestly say that I still feel wonderful! This may sound odd to some, but I can hear the Holy Spirt speaking to me more clearly. When I was saved I could hear Him, but it wasn’t as clear to me as it is now, and I LOVE it! I am so proud of the woman I have become, and I’m proud of myself for choosing this chapter! Thank you to all who have supported me and my family! ❤ 

Merry Christmas to you all! 



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