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Be yourself

Sometimes I’ll be doing something, or I’ll see something, and think to myself, “hey you should write about that.” Or “that would make for a really neat blog post!” Then I end up not writing anything, for fear that I will be judged, made fun of or bullied for what I write about, and I also think to myself- “nah! No one wants to know about me, or what I do.” 

I struggle with anxiety and low self esteem. Which I honestly think most people do. If not all the time, at least about certain things. Because of this I tend to listen to that more than I should. I am usually a very outgoing, fun, energetic person… When I’m not weighed down with insecurities and anxiety. Especially when it comes to writing, and sharing about myself. I often times don’t express my feelings enough, or get into deep detail during writing. After all, blogging is about what’s on your mind right?! Whether it be about God, makeup, photography, politics ect. This is the one place where the writer can express their emotions, and show the world who he/she is. 

God made us the way we are. We shouldn’t be afraid to show that. We shouldn’t fear what anyone else thinks, or says about us. Just be you! Be the best quirky, funny, spontaneous, loving, caring, goofball you can be, if that’s who you are!! Because there is no one else like YOU! And YOU are pretty great… No YOU are wonderfultastic!! 😉 

So this is me trying to leave my comfort zone and exit this box of emptyness and void. To instead, enter to the true self I am, and share this side of me, my true side with the world, not just here but all the time! And I encourage all of you to do the same, if you haven’t already! 🙂 

Life is too short to worry about what others think of you! Just be YOU! ❤ 


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