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AE-1 film photos {my first time shooting film}

A few weeks or so ago, I had purchased my first film camera, an AE-1 SLR. Today I got those photos back and I find all of them beautiful; imperfections and all! Though it is embarrassing that they aren’t “perfect” as I am a professional photographer, I still love them! I had no idea how to read anything on the camera, nor understood what a light meter was.  I knew all digital and had been going off digital readings and previews. Shooting film has most definitely taught me a lot! Film is a lot more comprehensive than I thought it would be. Even the simple, and basic things can be forgotten over time, even for a professional.

 I have a third roll that I shot after doing some research and watching tons of YouTube videos that I plan on getting developed soon! Im excited for those as I was beginning to understand the camera a little bit better 🙂 

My AE-1 is all manual. Not too shabby for a 45 years seasoned  camera ❤ 

Film: Fuji 200 



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