Canon AE-1 Film 

Yesterday I bought my very first film camera. Being a professional photographer in this day and age, we often don’t take time to pause and appreciate what digital cameras do for us. I have always loved the way film looks, and often edit my photos to look like film. I learned from my father, that film is the best of the best! He is actually part of my main reason for buying a film camera. Whe he was younger he shot with a canon AE-1 Program. He would go on and on about how beautiful the images he created were, how awesome the technology of it was, how maticulous film photography is, and how “if you want to learn photography, shoot with that camera, shoot film!” I never really understood his meaning until I shot with my AE-1 yesterday. 

With digital cameras, (DSLR) we can just point and shoot and if we don’t like the image we delete it and move onto the next till we get it perfect. With film, there is so much more that goes into taking a pic… You’re no longer taking just a pic but creating a photograph. I shoot with a Nikon D610, in manual mode. Some days, like any photographer, I have my good days and I have my bad days, but I can see whatever mistake I might have made, whether it be lighting or focus or whatever the problem may be. (Usually only I notice these things lol) I can upload it to Lightroom and fix any of those issues. With film you have to pause, think about the lighting, surroundings, depth, pose, everything, (which we should all do anyways, but sometimes don’t) because on a standard roll of 35mm film, you only get 24 shots, so you want each of those to be perfect, not just one! You only get one try to make it perfect! 

I’m actually looking forward to seeing what my photographs look like after sending them out and having them developed. Yesterday I went through 2 rolls of film. Yes, I am shutter crazy! I take SO many photos with my DSLR at so many different angles. After yesterday, I realize now that I was speeding through shoots because I could! Film has taught me to embrace each and every moment. To take my time and not just capture the moment but freeze the beauty of that moment. When I bought my manual car this year, I appreciated my car much more. The same goes for photography, I apretiate my camera and each photograph much more, and all that it allows me to do, to give my clients their gorgeous moments frozen in time.

This camera is about 45 years seasoned. It’s vintage and I absolutely love it! I have always had a deep love for antique things, and to own a camera that is just that and also have a lovely background, means that much more to me! I am so blessed that the woman who owned this camera is also now a friend. She told me when purchasing that her father would be proud that his camera is going to someone who would apretiate it. Those simple words meant so much to me! Those same words were spoken to me when I purchased an antique, 20+ years seasoned carriage prop from a friend the other day that was once  her mothers.   It’s crazy and wonderful how when you’re not even looking, God brings you to people who you can share your passions with, and apretiate the simple things in life together! 



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