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My 02 Subaru WRX, my very first car purchase. 

I have always been a car enthusiast. Growing up my all time favorite car was a Shelby Cobra GT 500 Mustang. Since my name is Shelby, some of my friends even call me Shelby GT 500, it’s so cute! 

 This past week I purchased my very first car and it’s a sports car! After lots of research I decided to buy an 02 Subaru WRX wagon. Not to mention this is now my dream car! I am still a mother after all, so I need the space, so a wagon was my best choice. I was also NOT about to buy such a beautiful piece of machinery in an automatic so this week, with the help of my awesome hubby, and YouTube videos, I have learned how to drive a manual car!! I never would have thought that I would own a sports wagon/car, let alone a stick! But I can honestly say I LOVE my new beauty! She is SO much fun to drive and she handles like a charm! Her name is Amidala. The best part is that I found her 100% stock, which is especially rare for this year! I have so many plans for her already and I haven’t even owned her for 2 weeks! When I was searching for my new auto baby, I was looking on Craigslist and was very skeptical of purchasing such a high demanded car from there cause usually it’s younger kids who own them and drive them really hard, which means they usually have a ton of problems. So I was on the hunt for a stock one. The night the dealer posted my car on CL I messaged them and asked them to send me more info. The very next morning they called me and we set up to go look at the car. We had to drive nearly 2 hours to see it. When we got there the guy told us there had been 16 e-mails for the car and that we had been the first e-mail and the first to look at it and test drive it; I was so shocked! Mind you, I had requested info only at around 8pm the night before; But I knew she was worth it. After our test drive I fell in love. I was a little worried since she has a lot of body wear, minor rust and scratches. But she drove like a charm and didn’t have anything wrong with her. The person who owned it before me was the original owner and he/she took very good care of it. I knew that if I had said no, it would be sold with in the hour but I just wasn’t sure about all the body wear and the color. I was looking for a rally blue one, this one is silver. So I thought about it and thought about it, then the guy came out and offered to lower it 300$ extra dollars. Now the car was already set at a very nice price of under 5k, so I drove off to think it over, since there was a blue one for sale also. I didn’t get far at all when a wave of panic set over me. I felt like I was making the wrong choice by leaving without the car; almost like she had chose me! I told my hubby to stop the car and go back, I’m buying the car haha! 

She is a rough car to learn on, and the clutch is really hard to push down and it disengages early on so that’s definitely nice, especially since I’m only 5′! My knees are practically touching the dash! But with some more practice and getting used to everything, I will be just fine! 

In the almost 2 weeks of driving her and learning her, I have come so very far! At first I was horrible at just getting her going. 1st gear was so hard to get down, but with practice I have mastered it! Now I  am learning hills. Since I live in MD, there are a ton of hills, so it’s required I learn them before I drive out of my neighborhood alone! But I’m almost there!! 

Yesterday I had my hubby take my dash pieces to work to plastidip them red, and I love them!! I think it really opened the cars interior more and shows my personality! 🙂 

Overall I absolutely LOVE my new, old car and I’m so so proud of myself for learning how to drive a stick! One thing I can say tho is I truly believe everyone should drive a stick shift car! you literally have NO time to change the music, text or talk on the phone. I was never one for texting while driving, but I did have my fair share of changing the music from my phone. Therefore EVERYONE should drive one to eliminate the texting while driving death epidemic. You have a better appreciation for your car. I never knew what all the transmission went through to get you from point A to point B. You won’t have a heavy foot. I had a very heavy foot till this week. You actually understand what’s going on with your car! Those gauges moving actually move for a reason! Haha! It’s so much more fun! It makes you pay attention more… Oh wait I already said that! And cause race car! 

And in case you’re wondering, no I don’t race her! I don’t have time as I am always with my son and I would NEVER put his life in danger! 

Put your phones down lovies and drive manual! ❤ 



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