It’s rare that I’m ever in my vehicle by myself, as I usually have my baby boy with me, since I’m a stay at home “mama.” Today my hubby and I traded vehicles. I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee and he had a 2013 Subaru Impreza. Well after a couple of days of thinking it through we both came to the dicision that we should trade, and we are both super excited about it! 

You know when you get a new vehicle, well, new to you, and you drive it alone, what do you do? Me? I turn on my favorite jams and rock out! I don’t care whose looking at me either! I am in my own world and loving life! Today I blasted one of my favs, NewsBoys! The album Reatart is my favorite! Every song that comes on, I am right there jamming out, singing every word, not well I might add HA! I’m sure people look at me like I’m crazy, but I don’t care! I am just rocking out with my man Jesus! 

Sometimes the words to their songs really hit me, and speak to me. It doesn’t matter what mood I’m in, I turn them on and I’m immediately in a better mood! Same with reading the Bible. A few years ago I never would have imagined myslef reading and understanding the great book known as the Bible. I absolutely love it!! When I’m feeling stressed or lost, I pick up my Bible, start reading and immediately feel better and at peace knowing that God is right there with me… Always! We have such an amazing God! He’s always there to help us, never forsaking us. His love is Unconditional! 

I’m not sure if this feeling of overflowing euphoria, from being saved ever subsides or goes away… But all I know is I don’t want it to! I feel like I’m on top of the world, and this happened about a short 3 months ago! I still find myself in awe, and amazement to how wonderful God is. It’s hard to think that I went 23 years without Him TRULY in my life and heart. Now that He’s there, I’m never letting go! I find myself craving His word and yearning to learn more.

Today my husband and I were driving when I had a thought about pastors. I turned to my husband and said: “babe, pastors are some extremely strong individuals! I don’t mean physically I mean emotionally and spiritually!” He goes ” oh I know! It’s crazy some of the things they have to do!” I said “yeah! It’s amazing how God picks the really good ones too!” I was doing Bible study with my mother in law and before starting she said a short prayer outloud for the the both of us. For me, praying out loud in front of another is really awkward. I’m not sure how she does it without feeling embarrassed or awkward. Then I thought, “wow, pastors pray out loud SO much, and in front of a BUNCH of people!” It takes a lot of strength to stand up in front of a congregation and pour your heart out about God. Then I began thinking about when someone gets sick, or passes. The pastor will often visit them or the family and pray for them. How hard it must be to stand with a family who is suffering and keep your strength to not cry with them, but instead, pray with them and encourage them to believe in the Lord and put all their hope, faith and trust in Him.  Then I thought of the worst… Demons and evil. Those pastors who have to look demons in the face and rid them from a body. How terrifying it must be! I could never imagine having to rid someone of a demon possession and possibly risking myself of one also! Not to mention all the freaky things I’m sure they’ve seen! The spiritual strength is beautiful! Sometimes I feel like we don’t give our pastors enough appreciation. They all do SO much for everyone who comes in their path. Such kind, big hearted, loving, courageous, strong, powerful, brave (and more) men and women! So any pastor reading this, I thank you and I appreciate you for all that you do :)! God bless! 



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