American Robins. AKA: Batman and Robin 

For the past month or so, there has been a family of Amercan Robins living under our deck. I don’t mind them being there at all, in fact, I’ve been bringing her worms. Robin, the mom, is HUGE! I can tell she’s expecting her babies anytime now. Batman, her hubby, is quite smaller and brighter than Robin. They’re hardly ever together. Yes, I named them Batman and Robin, cute right!? 

Today was the first time I’ve been able to get photos of her. She let me get within 6inches of her, and she was just posing away for me to capture some really nice shots! There is a spot in my yard that I dug up, and each time I re-dig it up I find at least 10 worms in it; It was once a pile of onion grass. Every time I find worms I take them to her nest and throw them in. She will watch me from a far and as soon as I walk away from her nest she flies back to her nest to eat the worms. Today was phenomenal; I’m pretty sure she thanked me for all the worms I had given her. She flew right next to me, almost touching my shoulder, and whistled a sweet tune as she went by. Then she sat on the fence, looked at me, nodded her head down and flew away. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. But I knew in my heart she was thanking me.  

My son, husband and I were all playing in the back yard when I was able to get 6inches away away from her. For about 10 mins she allowed me to watch her tidy up her nest and peek into the life of an expecting bird. She nibbled on the worms I had just given her, occasionally looking back at me. It’s so wonderful and amazing how much detail God puts into every living creature! To some people she is just a bird, but to me she is a friend, a fellow mother, and a gift from God! She is so smart and beautiful and the fact that she allowed, and trusted me to get close with her and pose for my camera was completely exciting! I can’t wait to see her little babies! 





 Images owned by Shelby Collins photography. 


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