My weightloss journey 

Every year I tell myself, “this is the year! This is the year I’m going to lose weight and be fit!” I am just like you or anyone else who has always said this, and for a few weeks I stick to my plan. Then I get bored and I stop. Well this year I have finally put my foot down and  stuck to it! Now almost 5 months later I’m still going! 

During my journey I have lost 30lbs total, gained some back and lost some again. I now stay at a steady 20lb weight loss, with 6 inches off my waist and down 8 pants sizes! Yes 8 pants sizes! What am I doing you ask? I go to Planet Fitness every morning for 1 hour a day. My routine consists of HIT,(high intensity training.) I walk some and run some. Since having a baby It took me a about a year to be able to get into a full run. After the treadmill I do some ab workouts and then squats and arms. I have never really been much of a soda drinker or sugar adder, but I do crave my late night snacks. I’ve cut out all late night snacks , with my occasional cheat day and began eating healthier.  Only thing that is hard to stay away from is chipotle! I eat a ton of chipotle! If I could be sponsored by them as my weight loss meal I would ;)! For the most part I’ve cut out bread, white rice, eating animal protein after 6, eating anything after 6, pasta, ice cream, and fast food. Doing this alone will def help you to the healthier you! 

Before getting pregnant I was 130lbs. I could eat whatever I wanted and I wouldn’t gain a pound. Lucky, right!? At that time I was still working and I would go for walks, and occasionally do P90X here and there along side T25. But nothing has granted me better results than going to the gym. I have such a fun time at the gym where doing home workouts seemed like a chore. 

After giving birth to our first child, I weighed a beautiful 172lbs! I was 21, happily pregnant with my feet in the ocean! I didn’t care how much weight I had gained as long as our little turtle was healthy! Being pregnant was the most beautiful I had ever felt! I had chosen to breast feed our precious boy and within 3 days I lost all my baby weight and then some. I weighed in at 120lbs just from breast feeding! I hadn’t been that “small” in years! Then our son started teething at 4 months! I was 3 months when I got my first tooth so it wasn’t entirely surprising that he had gotten his first 2 teeth earlier than most. Once he had teeth then the biting began and I tried everything to get him to stop, but that just wasn’t happening. He ended up self weaning himself at 6 months and I wasn’t ready. My baby no longer needed me to feed him, he began holding his own bottles. That special moment we shared together would be no more. This took me quite a long time to accept. I began gaining weight very rapidly. I wasn’t prepared to stop eating differently since I didn’t need the extra calories for him. I just kept eating like I had been and ended up gaining almost all that weight back. Plus, I’m gonna be honest, I’m the kind of woman who loves food!! Like who doesn’t love food?! When I started going to the gym I weighed in at 165lbs. Once I kept going the weight dropped off like melted butter! I lost 10lbs in just the first week of going! Granted most of this was probably water weight but it stayed off. The second week wasn’t so successful I lost only 5lbs. I say “only” 5lbs cause to me that seems like nothing. But in reality 5lbs is a lot! Any weight you lose should be celebrated! As I continued to go to the gym for 1 hour every single day except for Friday, I felt I was losing weight too fast. I had dropped nearly 30lbs in 1 month. So I slowed my roll and didn’t go for a little while and gained back 10lbs. This went on for a little while. 

Recently, about 6 days ago, I started taking a protein shake for breakfast before my workouts. It’s hard for me to eat enough greens and get the right amount of vitamins, so I wanted something that was natural and filling. What I had purchased was VegaOne, vanilla Chai protein shake. I LOVE IT! it recommends to mix with water instead of milk but that is absolutely horrible tasting, and I wouldn’t recommend that at all! I mix mine with either regular milk or chocolate milk. When I wake up in the morning I can honestly say I look forward to my breakfast! Even though I’ve only been taking it for a short amount of time, I feel great! My skin feels softer, I don’t have near as many bread outs, my hair feels thicker and healthy, but most of all I have energy and I feel great! Being the mother of a 1 and a half year old the energy is deffinitely needed! Before taking this I felt groggy ALL THE TIME! By the way this protein shake won’t cost you an arm and a leg or half your paycheck, I got it at Vitamin Shoppe for only $23. For all the healthy stuff it comes with, to me that’s money well spent!! 


Now I can say I am extremely pleased, and proud of myself that I have been able to stick with getting fit this time around! My weight is currently at 140 and steady! I am just another 20lbs away from where I want to be! Keep pushing yourself and never give up! Do whatever you have to do to stay motivated! I use Instagram and Pinterest for my motivation, but my favorite motivators are my husband and son! You got this! 






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