My Testimony 

Growing up, my siblings and I were raised by 2 wonderful, loving and caring parents. Difference from most is we weren’t raised religiously. We were raised to believe in anything that we wanted to believe in. Whatever it may be, my parents were always supportive. My father never really spoke of his beliefs, his saying has alwyas been “it is what it is”; and this was fine with us. My dad was raised by his mom as his father wasn’t really in his life till later and she wasnt religious at all. In fact she was the opposite . She was aithiest. I don’t know if she was fully aithiest as she did belive in spirits, and aliens. She always used to tell us that aliens were what ruled this planet and our lives. She also believed in the native american beliefs as she was part Cherokee  indian. 

My mother on the other hand was raised very religiosly. If she did anything against what the Bible had preached then she was going to Hell. She didn’t like this and found it to be too harsh to raise her children in that environment so she didn’t. She raised us more along the spiritual side. She raised us to know that Jesus was in our hearts and we didn’t need a book or church or the negativity that follows those things, to have Jesus in our lives. It wasn’t until this year that I learned that is a false religion. I had to accept him into my heart and soul, as my Lord and savior. 

One night my son and I went to visit my in laws and my father in-law and I had began talking about religion, and christianity as a whole. Everything from Heaven to Hell to his testimony. I thought to myslef, how can this man talk and preach about God and Jesus and not question anything he says?! How does he believe so easily? Listening to his testimony alone is enough to make you a believer; so powerful and beautiful. That moment in his life is what opened the door to him becoming the amzing pastor he is today. 

Then it happened to me. A moment that changed my life for the better. A moment that gave me truth and peace. I accepted Jesus into my life. Ididn’t  know what to do other than cry. I had no idea where these emotions were coming from and I couldn’t hold the tears back. All it took was a short prayer and I had someone so amazing as God flowing through me. All it took was for me to accept Him into my life and I would have eternal life. I would some day get the privilage to meet him once again. 

After our prayer my father in law asked me how I was feeling, I told him I felt fine,relaxed and like I was going  to cry. He told me that was the sprit flowing through me. I told him I no longer felt lost and he began to get teary eyed. We just hugged eachotheer and I cried on his shoulder. A moment I will cherrish forever. 

On my way home I continued  to cry. Icouldn’t  help it. I was euphoric and scared and confused all in one. I had known nothing of this religion. I didn’t  even know why we celebrated Easter. Or why we called it Easter. I was also one who needed the cold hard facts if I were to believe in a book. But the moment I accepted Him into my life it all just made sense. I no longer needed the “proof.” I now had faith in Him, and I truely believed. The next few days I began reading the book of John that my father in-law had suggested I start with. I had never read the Bible with a faithful mind and heart before, so it never made sense. I prayed for His guidence to allow me to understand His word, and He answered. I couldn’t put the Bible down. I began craving all His words as they flowed trough me.  

That was about a month and half ago and I still feel the same euphoria. I feel like I’m a better person on the inside. I no longer feel lost, scared, and most of all He has helped me to make it through losing my best friend, my Mamaw. He is always by my side, never forsaking me.

 Thank you to my famil, for being so caring, loving and supportive! I am truely thankful for everything you do and continue to do! I love you all! 


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