He dropped into my heart 

when I was a teenager, my life consisted of  school, work and  the skatepark. If I missed a day of skating at the park it was close to the end of the world for me. Skating was my life back then. I was a fruit booter, as the skaters call it, you know it as rollerblading. Although I wasn’t  amazig at it like most of the other people there, like my future hubby, it was fun and I enjoyed doing it. I was the only “chick skater” at the time, and I loved it! 

It was at the skatepark that I met my husbannd. Him and I used to skate together all the time, neither one of us knowing we liked eachother. I mean how could a guy like him EVER love a girl like me?! He wes perfect! Long golden brown curly hair, bright blue eyes, muscular, popular, tall, funny, amazing and of course hot! Then there was me, skinny, short, clumsy, shy and gothic. At that time in my life I was gothic and bullied a lot for it. I had learned to build a  back bone to people, a shield, and  had always assumed any great guy would ever want to talk to me none the less date me! Then it happened that tall, funny, extremely attractive man skated up to me and asked if I needed his help learning how to stall on the half pipe. I said “sure, but im a chicken.” he said “nah you got this!” He took my hands and my heart stopped, I didn’t know what to do other than hold them. so I just held them as he explained to me how to stall. Ill admit I have no idea what he said. At this point I was in a different dimenssion. I mean the man who I had been crushing on the most was holding my hands, helping me! For about a half our him and I just laghed at me and had a great tme hanging out as friends. It was there on that ramp that he stole my heart. 


A couple years had gone by and I decided to go back to the park. There he was, the man I had always dreampt of being with. At the time he was working at the park. We began talking and hit it off very well. I asked to see his phone before I had left that day, so I could put my number in it and that night we texted eachother for hours, just talking and learning about eachother. He asked to see me again the next day so of course I went; it was the weekend and I didn’t have anything better to do. The next day came, and I was so excited to see him! Like the man of my dreams WANTS to hang out wih me! He asked me out on a date that nighy and we went to the movies to see The Comebacks. During the movie I was so nervous, I couldn’t  tell you what the movie was even about. I just know it was a comedy about football. Neither one of us even like football. I was just in awe and disbelief that he wanted to spend time wth me, especially after working all day. After about a week of talking, he asked me to be his girfriend. Of course I said yes! I was the happiest and luckiest girl alive! Now almost 8 years later we are married, and living life happily as new parents. 

Usually you will meet your soulmate in Highschool or at college. Us, we met at the Mount Airy skatpark and its beautifully unique. God had a much better plan for me than I had for myslef. Plus who gets to say I married my dream man, skater, and friend of 5 years?! 




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