Coconut healing 

when you think of coconut oil, you probably don’t think of it as a medicine; but it is! Since being a mother, I use coconut oil on EVERYTHING! A few weeks ago my son came down with an ear infection so he was put on an antibiotic. Antibiotics usually give children yeast infections. Well that was exactly what happened to my sweet little boy, and was it horrible! He had blisters. I was always told by my father that A&D cream was an amazing miracle worker so I put some on it and it just got worse. Then I remembered my cousin had got him some natural, organic butt balm called Angel Baby Bottom Balm. I decided hey, this is all natural, this should really help, and it did! This stuff is absolutely amazing!! A life saver! It has all kinds of good stuff in it like, organic olive oil, organic Shea, candelilla wax, organic jojba, tea tree oil, organic lavender and more! It smells nice too! Very earthy. 🙂 


After only a few hours of use his blisters were GONE! I was so happy! My poor baby was in so much pain, I was so glad this little miracle jar was helping him!! After a couple days of using it he was no longer in pain and his rash had just become a little patch so, like any mother, I got on Pinterest and typed in home remedies for yeast infection, and I saw coconut oil. I called my mom, who is a naturalist and earth loving woman, and she too told me coconut oil would be a great healer. After using the organic, refined coconut oil for 1 day his rash was completely gone! Ever since then I’ve used coconut oil for my hair, chapped lips, acne remover, acne scar remover, shaving my legs, oil pulling, moisturizer, cooking EVERYTHING! 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a mama, it’s natural is better. I recommend coconut oil and Angel Baby Bottom Balm to all mothers who are dealing with a rash or have dealt with one! These products saved my babies bottom for sure! 


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