What’s the daily life like of a stay at home mother and house wife? It’s absolutely invigorating and blissful, said no mother ever! But truth is… It really is! God has blessed me and my family so much! I had always dreamt of being a stay at home mom. Growing up others had dreamt of their prom, boyfriends, college, careers, parties ect. I didn’t go to prom, I worked from when I was 14 till the week before our little bundle of joy came. I didn’t go to college. God had greater plans for me. I didn’t party. I’ve been with the same man since Highschool. My main goal in life was family. I missed out on a lot of things growing up but in the end it all lead me to where I am today. A wife and a mother. At 19 I graduated Highschool. A little late, yes. I struggled in Highschool. I hated going. I mean, who doesn’t hate going to school? I wasn’t an early person, I would of rather been working and making money than sitting in a class learning things we were never going use again. That’s how I felt. Just 2 days after graduating on June 2nd, my boyfriend of 4 years had proposed to me in Delaware, on the beach! It was one of the most romantic moments we’ve ever shared! Now mind you, my now hubby wasn’t a naturous person. He didn’t like sitting on the ground in fear of bugs crawling up his pants. Haha! But he knew that I loved the idea of getting engaged on the beach. Plus I had just told him. Wait what do you mean? Well we had just got to the beach after riding in on our 06 Harley Dyna Street Bob, when we approach the board walk and a wedding is going on. I said “that’s so cheesy! Getting married on the beach! It’s beautiful but I couldn’t do it. Now getting engaged on the beach, that’s dreamy!” Mind you, I had no idea he was about to propose! He said “oh really? Yeah I guess it would be nice!” Then we walked down the beach, along the water a little ways where no one was and he held me from behind, my back against his chest, as we just gazed out into the ocean together. He grabbed my chin up to his face so gently and kissed me. He then reached into his pocket and placed a little black box into my hand, I asked him “what is this?” I opened it and inside was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen!! I turned to face him with tears in my eyes and enjoyment in my heart! I said “really?! Are you sure!?” He laughed and said yes babe! Will you marry me?” Immediately I hugged him and said “yes!” I had worn a promise ring on the same finger for 3 years prior so I asked him to remove it and place this new gorgeous ring in its place. It was the most unique ring for a certainly unique girl. This memory which will never fade or escape my mind. A year later we purchased our first home together and got married. You wouldn’t think that a 20 and 22 year old would purchase a house but we did! When we did our walk through we both immediately knew this was the home we wanted. It is a split foyer with 4 bedrooms. One of those bedrooms is now an office and the other is a music room. When we first moved in the house was painted in this sandy, tan color with brown carpet… So not attractive! But we saw major potential! The bay window in the living room, which gives so much natural lighting really hit home for me! I thought, wow! I could take all kinds of pictures in front of that window! As we went into the kitchen, which is my favorite place in our home, I noticed the all white cabinets. I’ve always wanted a white and blue kitchen! I guess I really am a country girl at heart! Is my kitchen blue now you ask? The answer is yes! It’s a very, very bright, beautiful blue! The contrast of the blue against the white cabinets is so gorgeous! We are completely pleased with the color and the combination. Next on our tour was the downstairs part. Since we both didn’t want a basement due to mold worries, a split foyer sounded awesome. As we went down the short set of stairs I noticed a little plaque above the door which read “God rest your love upon this door Bless this home forevermore.” I immediately felt this is a sign from God that this will be our home! As we entered the main room down stairs the first thing we both notice is the wood burning stove. We weren’t too happy with it at first but now that we have been here for 3 years, we absolutely love it and can’t imagine winter without it! The wood stove sits on a beautiful natural brick harth. We have considered painting it to match the beach theme we have down there but we both love the natural browns, so we decided to keep it. 🙂 

Since moving in 3 years ago we have come to know our neighbors very well and they’re all so kind and helpful! Our one neighbor next to us has a grandson named Blake, and he is just so precious and always asks about our son Wyatt. They adore each other! Our neighborhood is lovely! Everyone keeps to themselves but says hello the moment they see you and are always open to helping and inviting us over for hang outs and birthday parties. We absolutely love our home and our fellow neighbors that surround us! 
5 months after getting married, November 2012, we conceived our beautiful son and 10 months later on August 26th he was born. Our lives had then began! Everyone always says oh your pregnant? That means your life has ended! Say goodbye to anything fun or anything you like to do! Well I’m here to tell you that our life literally began the day our beautiful son was born! He came into the world after 13 hours of labor and weighed 8lbs 2 ounces! Perfectly healthy, beautiful and big! My husband and I looked into each other eyes and just looked at him and immediately felt proud and fell in love! Since then our relationship has been full of ups and downs but mostly ups. When you first have a baby it is extremely stressful and you will argue and fight. Not about the baby or about changing diapers or any of that but just about not spending time with each other, or one will say the wrong thing to the other not realizing it. Since I was a stay at home mom, he went to work every day to support his family and at the end of the day when the baby was put down for bed, I just wanted him. But he was often tired or stressed out from his hard day at work. So if there was anything on my mind it would often wait till another day so the stresses of his day weren’t piled up with the stresses from mine. For weeks this would happen and neither of us would communicate to each other about how the other felt. Until all that emotion bottled up inside us both and we unleashed all our stresses onto each other. That was probably our biggest “fight” we had ever had, and honestly now, I couldn’t even tell you what it was about. But I know it was something stupid. Every day I thank God for giving us the strength as a couple to work through everything we had gone through together! For my wonderful, loving, hard working husband who put up with all my mood swings through us learning together how to raise a child. My husband is my greatest hero next to Jesus of course! 
Our son is now 19months old and our bond as a family has never been stronger! Having a child with the person you love, teaches you so much about that person! How you handle certain situations will either strengthen you or tear you apart. Just know that whatever your both stressing about will be overcome! Communication is key with every relationship! Without it, you will be two separate souls, distant, and fading away from each other. 
I’m sure you may be wondering how my house looks having a one and a half year old. Well, it looks how you would imagine; toys everywhere!! Some days there’s not a spot on the floor where I can see our still, ugly brown carpet, and that’s perfectly fine with me! Having a child is a total blessing from God and all the little toys that I may have to trip over is all worth it! Yeah sure we’ve thought about getting new carpet or hard wood floors or even getting all new furniture! But right now with a toddler who will continue to spill everything in sight on it and climb all over it and get his boogies all over it, just isn’t worth it! I would rather have those things than a house filled with expensive furniture or perfect carpets. Because children are priceless and things are just that… Things. 🙂 
Keeping up with the laundry, dishes, mopping, sweeping is an extreme task alone! There are days where I’m so tired from our little man staying up late at night due to his teething that the next day I take a nap with him and I don’t get any house work done. Then the next day, the same thing. After a couple days I begin to feel guilty for not doing the dishes or doing the laundry cause I don’t want my husband who has been working all day to come home to a messy house. It’s my job as a wife to keep the house clean. Right!? Yes and no. A man who loves you will understand that you’re up half the night taking care of your child. A man will understand that during the day your job is to raise the child you both made together. He will understand that a clean/ spotless house is impractical with a toddler. It took me a while to not feel guilty and like I’m a bad wife for not having a clean house, till I told my husband how I felt. He then comforted me and helped me to feel normal again. All these feelings I’m sure most stay at home mommies have felt. I want you all to know that you are not a bad wife or mother if your house is not as spotless as the next house! Or you don’t have as “nice” of furniture or floors as the next. You have the a best gift of all, and that’s family. 



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