Sitting here on this beautiful April afternoon, watching my son play in the yard. You know? Children don’t have a care in the world as to bugs, leaves, dirt or any other things that are dirty. To them they’re just exploring and playing with all the wonders this earth has to offer them. I’m sitting here watching him and I ask him “what you have baby?” He then brings to me a handful of dirt, mud and leaves. Of course I take it! How can I turn down such little hands?! He looks at me with those big, bright, blue-green eyes of his and smiles at me, like mommy I got this for you! As we grow older we no longer see dirt or bugs as a gift from God or as something precious. But they are! As I watch his little feet patter through the dirt and grass I feel his freedom flowing through him. Makes me miss being a child. No bills, no worries about anything at all other than don’t fall, don’t get a boo-boo. I miss making mud pies with friends, playing tag, going to your friends house to knock on the door and ask if so and so can come out and play. Now we have face book, Instagram, Twitter, video games. I hardly ever see children playing outside anymore. It’s rare to see parents having play time with their children; playing catch in the yard, having cook outs ect. Social media and technology has taken over our children’s future and it’s extremely depressing and scary! I have made a promise to myself and to my child that I will not be one of those parents who just sits at home and let’s them play video games or sit in front of a tv. I will urge him to go outside and play in the dirt and with the bugs as it was when I was younger.  I also encourage you, if you have chldren, don’t let social media and technology overrun your life! Have fun with your children! It doesn’t matter what it is you’re doing as long as you’re outside! He or she wil love it! 🙂 time with our little ones really does go by way too fast! Don’t look back at your life, years from now and wish you had spent more time with your children. 



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