short post. Why blog? 

Recently I’ve noticed I have been taking photos more frequently of what I’m wearing, my home, cooking, decorating, child care ect. So I figured what better place to share these things than a blog? I run my own photography business and I have been blogging on it for quite a while now, but I want business and my personal life to be separate. As I was searching google I came upon this site. It seems I constantly have things on my mind or I see things and want to talk about them. So here, is where I will allow you all into my head, home and heart a little more. Follow me through my odessey of being a house wife and stay at home mom. Here I will share things from decorating, parenting, cooking to family time and vacations. This is a little window into my life. I hope you all enjoy! Please feel free to follow my blog if you would like to see more! ❤ 


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