Celebrating Dads 50th

Over the weekend my family and I, celebrated my dad turning the big 50! We had a blast! His theme was a mixture of Pink Floyd and music. A few weeks before he told me what he wanted for his birthday, a shirt. I thought to myself, a shirt? That’s not symbolic enough. My dad has always been an extremely, easy to please, simple person, so I thought no… you need something a little more epic! so I called my brother and sister and for some reason NEITHER of us could figure out what to buy him. we thought how about a watch? Then we all agreed, since hes a pool man, a nice watch just wont do, nor was it really his style. So i asked my sister if I could speak to our brother and the second i said that, it dawned on me, A GUITAR! Our dad has always admired rock and roll and guitars! at one point he owned almost 10 guitars. So me being one of 4, I called all my siblings up, including my husband who has a fairly close relationship with my dad, and we all split the cost of the guitar. For 2 weeks we all had to keep this super exciting surprise from him! Then the day came! We all scurried to the kitchen when I looked out the window and saw his car approaching my house. My husband ran to the bottom of the stairs to allow him in while the rest of us stood in the kitchen. My brother playing happy birthday on the new guitar. He entered the hall way and we all began singing. His eyes widened to the sight of the guitar as my brother played. My dad then asked “where did that guitar come from? Thinking it was my brothers new piece. I then told my dad  “its yours, that’s your birthday present.” His eyes immediately began to fill with tears as he was so overwhelmed and joyed that his children had just bought him a guitar. My heart began to swell and i got teary eyed with him. He kept saying “really?! No effing way! Wow!! Really?!” He then grabbed the beautiful sleek, black bodied guitar, with gray metallic wash center, fender strat from my brothers hands and began playing it himself. For almost 5 mins he just played as he took in the enjoyment. After that he gave us each a massive hug and thanked us all for his wonderful present. My brother and his girlfriend brought him over a little box that they had purchased for him together and inside was a gorgeous ebony, wood guitar pick, to match the neck of his new guitar. My sister then pointed him over to his awesome Pink Floyd cake that we had picked out specifically for him, since they are his absolute favorite band. Or as he calls them his “personal Jesus.” It was a black cake with their symbol in the center and to the left corner a “50” candle burning just for him. He then blew it out and said “I don’t want to eat it, that’s awesome!” I then showed him the main wall in the kitchen that I had decorated to make a 50, out of old photographs from his life. we all gathered around to gaze at the life he led and all the wonderful memories we all could relate to. I spent the night before going through some photos that my dad had asked me to hold on to, since i’m the photographer in the family. I tried to find photos of just him but that was a task all in its self since there aren’t very many photos of my dad. My dad was always usually the one taking the photo! I guess you can say I’ve followed in my fathers footsteps. So instead I put together photos that would have meaning to him and wow! What a turn out! Everyone laughed and smiled and enjoyed the memories of our life! What a wonderful day it was!

Our parents are only here for a short amount of time. Whatever you may be dealing with, with your parents, whether its just not talking to them on a daily basis or not getting a long with them; mend it! Your parents have always been there for you. Always bought you that gift that you had your eyes set on. This day was truly a blessing that we were able to share time together as a family and just enjoy each others company! Maybe they didn’t buy it for you at that moment that you wanted it, but i’m sure they got it for you somehow. To my parents, I love you more than you will ever know! Thank you for raising me into the woman I am today, and thank you for being the best you can be! ❤


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